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Hiroyuki Muraoka


University of Tsukuba | Tsukuba, Japan | Biological Sciences, BA, 1994

University of Tsukuba | Tsukuba, Japan | Environmental Sciences | Master, 1996

University of Tsukuba | Tsukuba, Japan | Biological Science, Ph.D., 1999


Senior Professor, River Basin Research Center, Gifu University

Work experience

Physiological ecology of terrestrial plants, particularly leaf photosynthetic response to changing environments and plant phenology. Linking plant physiological ecology, micrometeorology, remote sensing and simulation model for cross-scale analysis of carbon cycle in forest ecosystems. Teaching plant physiological ecology, ecosystem ecology, society and environment. Contributing to ILTER-EAP as a Science committee member since 2012 to 2016, and serving as the chair of ILTER-EAP since 2016. Member of GEO Programme Board since 2016.

Fields and Interests

Plant physiological ecology of forest understory herbaceous plants to study the phenology and growth under changing light environments. Functional roles of leaf phenology and photosynthetic response to changing environments in carbon cycle processes in the high-Arctic tundra ecosystem and in cool-temperate deciduous forests. Linkage of ecosystem physiology with in-situ and satellite remote sensing has been the extended project named “Satellite Ecology”.

Selected Publications (in recent five years)

1.       Kim ES., Trisurat Y., Muraoka H., Shibata H., Amoroso V., Boldgiv B., Hoshizaki K., Kassim AR., Kim YS., Nguyen HQ., Ohte N., Ong P. and Wang CP (2018) International Long-Term Ecological Research East Asia-Pacific Regional Network (ILTER-EAP): History, development and perspectives. Ecological Research 33: 19-34

2.       Noh NJ., Kuribayashi M., Saitoh TM. and Muraoka H. (2017) Different responses of soil, heterotrophic and autotrophic respirations to a 4-year soil warming experiment in a cool-temperate deciduous broadleaved forest in central Japan. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 247: 560-570

3.       Kuribayashi M., Noh NJ,, Wakazuki Y., Saitoh TM. and Muraoka H. (2016) Current and future carbon budget at Takayama site, Japan, evaluated by a regional climate model and a process-based terrestrial ecosystem model. International Journal of Biometerology 61: 989-1001 DOI 10.1007/s00484-016-1278-9

4.       Tang J., Korner C., Muraoka H., Piao S., Shen M., Thackeray S and Yang X. (2016) Emerging opportunities and challenges in phenology: A review. Ecosphere 7, e01436. 10.1002/ecs2.1436

5.       Muraoka H., Saitoh T.M. and Nagai S. (2015) Long-term and interdisciplinary research on forest ecosystem functions: challenges at Takayama site since 1993. Ecological Research 30: 197-200, DOI 10.1007/s11284-015-1251-9






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