Photograph of Thongsay SYCHANH 


Thongsay SYCHANH


Ukrainian Agricultural University, Kiev, Ukraine

Veterinary Medicine

BSc, DVM, 1988

University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB), The Philippines

Veterinary Medicine

MSc, 1999

Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand

Animal Science

: PhD, 2014


Acting Dean, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Champasack University, Lao.PDR

Work experience

Dr. Thongsay SYCHANH lectured for 18 years (1988-2005) at Faculty of Agriculture of the National University of Laos (NUOL).   During this period, he has held the position of Head of Livestock and Veterinary Medicine Section, Deputy Head of Academic Affairs Division, and Deputy Head of the Department of Livestock and Fisheries.  He was a Head of Academic Affairs Office, Champasak University from 2005 to 2008.  He was appointed to be an acting Dean of the faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Champasack University in 2015.


Fields and Interests

Zoology, Microbiology, and Zoonoses

Selected Publications (in recent five years)

Thongsay Sychanh, Sujate Chaunchom, Chaiwat Pulsrikarn, S. Pornreongwong, P. Chaichana, and Sumalee Boonmar. 2013. Salmonella prevalence in slaughtered buffaloes and cattle in Champasak province, Lao People's Democratic Republic. Kasetsart Journal - Natural Science 47(4):561-570

Sumalee Boonmar,Yukio Morita, Chaiwat Pulsrikarn, Phattharaphron Chaichana, Srirat Pornruagwong, Sujate Chaunchom, Thongsay Sychanh, Thongdam Khounsy, Davanh Sisavath, Shigeki Yamamoto, Hiroshi Sato, Taisei Ishioka, Masahiro Noda, Kunihisa Kozawa, and Hirokazu Kimura. 2013. Salmonella prevalence in meat at retail markets in Pakse, Champasak Province, Laos, and antimicrobial susceptibility of isolates. Journal of Global Antimicrobial Resistance 1(3):157–161.



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