Yongyut Trisurat CV


 Yongyut Trisurat


Yongyut Trisurat


Kasetsart University, Thailand

Forestry (Watershed Management)

BS, 1985

Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Natural Resources Development and Management

MS, 1990

Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Natural Resources Conservation

PhD, 1997




Work experience

Yongyut Trisurat is a Professor of Forestry affiliated at the Faculty of Forestry at Kasetsart University. He worked with the Royal Forest Department before joining KU in 2000. His research involves biodiversity conservation, forest landscape ecology, climate change and ecosystem services. Besides teaching and research, he is a frequent contributor to international organizations, government agencies, and NGOs such as IPBES, IPCC, UNEP, APFNet, ILTER (Chair of Scientific Committee), and the Mekong River Commission Secretariat. He also serve as a member of Thailand’s National Parks Board, and National Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use. In addition, he had been invited as a visiting professor/visiting scholar in many universities located in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, USA and UK.


Fields and Research Interests

Biodiversity; forest landscape ecology; land use change; climate change; ecosystem services

Selected Publications (in recent five years)

Trisurat, Y., Aekakkararungroj, A., Ma, H.O. Johnston, J.M. 2018.. Basin-wide Impacts of Climate Change on Ecosystem Services in the Lower Mekong Basin. Ecological Research (Special Issue). 33(1): 73-86.

Kim, E.S., Trisurat, Y., Muraoka, H et al. 2018. Review international long-term ecological research in East-Asia and the Pacific network. Ecological Research (Special Issue). 33(1): 19-34.

Trisurat, Y., Eiwpanich, P. and Kalliola, R. 2016. Integrating land use and climate change scenarios and models into assessment of forested watershed services in Southern Thailand. Environmental Research 147: 611-620.

Trisurat, Y., Kanchanasaka, B., and Holger, K. 2014. Predicting potential effects of land use and climate change on mammal distributions in northern Thailand. Wildlife Research 41(6), 522-536.

Sitthichai, J., Trisurat, Y., Pattanavibool, A., Pisdamkham, C., Thongsikem, S., Veerasamphan, V., Kemp, A. and Poonswad, P. 2014.  Predictive distribution modeling for Rufous-necked Hornbill (Aceros nipalensis [Hodgson, 1829]) in the core area of the Western Forest Complex, Thailand. The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 62: 12-20.

Trisurat, Y., Chimchome, V., Pattanavibool, A., Jinamoy, S., Thongaree, S., Kanchanasaka, B., Simcharoen, S., Sribuarod, S., Mahannop, N. and Poonswad, P. 2013. Assessing distribution and status of hornbill species in Thailand. Oryx 47(3): 441-450.


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