In the Footsteps of Giants: Early EAP Contributors

In an effort to better understand environmental challenges, a group of Asian scientists established the East Asia Pacific (EAP) ILTER. These remarkable scientists held its first regional meeting in 1995. Since then, they have connected regional scientists to global ecological research opportunities and tirelessly promoted and trained the next generation of young regional scientists, in addition to many other accomplishments.  Their contributions are truly remarkable. Their untold stories will be shared. 


In the 21st century, digital revolutions have changed every aspect of society, created new opportunities and challenges, and resulted in discontinuities in progress. The disciplines and communities which harness new technologies, such as autonomy, will become tomorrow’s leaders. Opportunities provided to young scientists, such as fellowships and mentorship, can speed the adoption of technologies which advance all scientific fields. We call for the EAP leaders to step into these roles, to meet their challenges, and to take advantage of their unique opportunities.      

CC Meeting: 
Chang.William Y:

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