Wildlife Species in Dong Khanthung Provincial Protected Forest of southern Lao PDR

Dong Khanthung Protected Forest (DKPF) is a provincial protected area in southwestern Laos. These Protected Forests form a complex that supports what is regarded as a very rich fauna of unique species of endangered wildlife. However, the information about these unique wildlife species is very limited and so the capacity to conduct proper management is hindered by the lack of knowledge of even basic distributional data. Therefore, the aim of this study is initially raised the information about unique wildlife for improving the management and conservation of biodiversity in DKPF. The surveys were conducted in four villages of DKPF (NongNga, Pel, Khemand Tahin Village). Surveys were focused on fourteen wildlife species that consider as landscape species in DKPF. GPS, maps, cameras, camera trapping, posters, wildlife books and questionnaires were used for surveys. The results found 24 mammals, 32 birds, 22 reptiles, 8 amphibians and 37 fish. The survey also can be obtained some pictures, e.g. Woolly-necked stork (Ciconia episcopus), Lesser mouse deer (Traguluskanchil), Asiatic jackal (Canisaureus), Common barking deer (Muntiacus vaginalis), Sambardeer, Gaur, and Asian elephant. Habitats for these wildlife species need to be properly managed but also the consciousness of local Lao people for wildlife conservation, education, and also the employment are all needed in the area to enhance success in Nature and Wildlife Conservation.

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Sychanh.Thongsay: thongsaysychanh@yahoo.com

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